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Sep. 25th, 2007 @ 02:55 pm (no subject)
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"Thanks for coming here to explain. You can leave now"

Austin reached out and caressed my cheek. "Sam, I--"

I pushed his hand away. "No. Don't even think about it."

"Sam, I haven't stopped thinking about you since that night in Atlantic City. I had no idea how to find you. I even tried bribing someone at the hotel into giving me your information, but the brother backed out on me when he thought about losing his job."

I looked into his eyes. "None of this matters now. I got married today, which means I am off limits forever."

Austin turned toward the door, and I put my back to him. I never heard the door open, though; just the lock clicking. Before Iknew it, he had grabbed my waist from behind and pressed me up against the wall. He started caressing my breasts through the lace of my wedding gown and kissing my ear and neck.

"No, we can't do this," I objected, trying to get him off me. "Stop it, Austin."

"You really don't want me to stop," he whispered in my ear. "You want me too, admit it."

I didn't respond because I knew he was halfway right. Austin grabbed a handful of my dress and bunched it up until he could get his other hand in between my legs. He pushed my white satin panties to the side, the ones that Morris was supposed to take off when we comsummated our marriage, and startted finger-fucking me. I attempted to contain my moans but ending up giving into to them. I could hear the band playing in the reception hall, and it was merely a matter of time before someone came looking for me. 

I pulled Austin's hand out of my pussy and faced him, lifting his hand to my house and licking the juices off his fingers. I couldn't believe this, but it's going on.

Austin pullled my dress up againand went down on his knees. He placed one of my thighs on his shoulder as he ripped my panties off.

"I want you so much, Sam." He said to me. Austin buried his face in my pu**y.

"Damn, this is so wong,:" I screamed out, pushing his tongue deeper into me by palming the back of his head. "But I want this too, I always have."

He slide inside my p****, and I trembled. It was too damn good. WE tongued each other down as he gave it to me slowly against the wall. We were going at it hard when a knock came at the door. We stopped in mid-stroke and held ourselves there.

"Sam, you in there?" we heard Morris ask as he tried the handle. "Some people are ----

oops! oh shit!

me: "Thank you for calling Zim lines, this is Courtney, how can I help you?"


damn these Zane sex/romance books. but they keep you going at work. Or at least me. ;)

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Date:October 17th, 2007 09:13 pm (UTC)
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that sounds like something i would write that shit is hot... now you READING that during work... imaginge trying to WRITE that shit during work... i get so frustrated sometimes.